Individual As a Concept

Individual As a Concept

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Man is continuous creature look for their/his self and which every moment have to test and study carefully condition of the existences. Sokrates say in Apologia, " Life which be not studied" is life which improper to be taken care. For Sokrates, man is creature which if highlighted by is rational question can answer rationally also.
According To Sokrates, man essence is not defined by additions from outside, he solely depend on assessment of x'self or at value which give him(it to their/his self as individual. Everything that ' added from outside ' to man is zero and vacuous. properties, rank, Fame and even cleverness or health altogether not fundamental ( adiaphoron). Single problem is kecendrungan inmost attitude at man liver. Conscience is" things which cannot make worse man x'self, ///cannot also hurt him(it either from

is external nor in".
From the aspect of classic approach, defined individual concept as a group from different characters and joinly form an x'selves identities differentiating him(it with otherses. According To Allport, individual is a group of different psychological character- called as the as karekter intiyang differentiating individual of one with lainnya.(Allport, 1937). If we was p.u. realized character of core of us, psychological character that is which will determine our self-concept.
At same line, Hazel Markus arise that x'self scheme integrated in nature of top-drawer individuals to define x'self ( Markus,1977).
In done by research McGuire is known that when sesorang is asked to depict x'self mostly narrate faktro-faktor demography which they having like genders, birth place, age, ethnical, physical marking, and life of the social. Seems people is more place forward attribute and character at their x'self to differentiate individual with otherses ( Mc, Guire, 1988)
On the other side, filosof and ilmuan is cognate have identified some insuffiencies in concepts classical men x'selves and make some revisions. Concept which most often public is concept opinion of probability which representation by prototype of group of which characteristic in character imprecise attributed with membership category. than dividing some individual important characteristics itself, for example this concept is principle the relation of individual in affinity. ( Smith, 1981).
Of psychologies experts study individual concept in personalities theories trying to answer endless question concerning nature of men and string up a[n concepts for comprehending action and experience of men individually. Psychology expert shall have knowledge how personality for purpose of comprehending him(it. Consequence from that thing very serious and not merely because we come up with confusion. Theorize the personality or x'self ( as of ld.f.) in mainstay psychology context, in general function memlihara public status quo ( Venn, 1984). That thing take place in so many way , two between his(its have been mentioned as illustrations from root of the matters being studied.
Man is not have the character of public only. He realize x'self as ' I, unique; is not changed and not recurred. He always is solitary substance. Man experience the keunikan as a(n) kompeksitity or dimensionality ( which focussed and united). Man have a[n ' culture ' personal as very certain expression, what covering all humanitarian areas. In the materialization is distinguishable unsure; name, colour, old fellow, with teman,cara run, spoke, form of head, body and hand, way of writing, psike, mimic; even also biological aspect like digitiform chop, struktul body cell ( chromosome). That all on uniques and non recurred. Every element add detail-detail to the depiction. They are not dijejerkan one another, but complementary and diffuse, and is each other colouring. In the fragments are old too long emerge with interest detailed this people idiosyncrasy so that finally lapped over a[n ' gestalt ' or ' signalement ' person containing all the specialty.
Keunikan according to this materialization called as keunikan is material; and that laid open with term : individualitity. ( Bakker,1994;126)
Firstly, personality concept always reflect an form of history of individualitity related to memory ( seve, 1978) interconnected also with certain public order. Approach of mainstay tend to mengeneralisir this opinion for all public and all histories periods. Sesorang swiftly jump at conclusion that because of one would always more or less profiles drawing like the one done ( for example, friendly, aggresive), someone not necessarily annoyed by growth of public.
Form of conservancy of status quo both happened when opinion concerning personality attend viewpoint individualistis concerning growth of man. Theorys of personality of mainstays push their supporter to define internal issue live as problem of persons to be being broken with growth of persons or accumulation of x'selves

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