Israeli Terrorists hostage hundreds of Passenger Freedom Flotilla

Israeli Terrorists hostage hundreds of Passenger Freedom Flotilla

Hostage hundreds of Passenger Freedom Flotilla activist for peace and humanity by Israel have lasted for 48 hours. Amazingly not a single state dared to do the rescue mission. Hundreds of hostages being held in an Israeli prison and we can only condemn it. Forms of terrorism by Israel simply can not be resisted by anyone even by Americans. This is not the first time a terrorist hostage-taking and massacre of Israeli terrorist conduct.

The round-up is particularly ominous in light of Israeli killings from March 7 to March 16, in which more than 150 Palestinian males between the ages of 15 and 45 were shot to death. On March 8 alone, Israeli troops shot and killed 40 Palestinians. Journalists have been expelled from Ramallah so that this low intensity Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people can proceed without publicity. Such inhuman tactics breed rage and evermore fanatical resistance to the Master Race.

(Compiled from Wire Services, April 1, 2002) - Seven foreign peace activists and a television cameraman were wounded Monday when an Israeli soldier fired at the ground in front of them, officials and witnesses said. About 100 demonstrators, Palestinian and foreign, were marching through the center of the West Bank town of Beit Jala behind a sign saying ``We want peace not war,'' witnesses said.

As they approached an Israeli armored personnel carrier, a soldier in the carrier fired several shots at them. Medical officials said a Palestinian and seven foreigners were hurt. They included two Americans, two Britons, and one each from Australia, Japan and France. The Palestinian, who was wounded in the leg, was a cameraman covering the march for the Associated Press, colleagues said.

An Israeli soldier also kicked and pushed a Reuters cameraman and fired one shot over his head while the cameraman was covering the demonstration.

The director of Beit Jala hospital, Peter Qumri, said one woman from Austrlia was undergoing surgery to remove a bullet wound from her abdomen and was in a satisfactory condition. The Australian woman was hit in the abdoment, along with six others.

A witness from Beit Jala, who gave his name only as Fouad, said: ``We were just marching in front of the tank and far away from our position they began to shoot live ammunition on the international (demonstrators). "The marchers raised their hands in a peaceful way and they started shooting immediately,'' he said. "Six or seven people were brought to the hospital.''

Groups of foreign peace activists are in the West Bank to show solidarity with Palestinians after Israeli forces sent troops and tanks Friday to besiege Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's headquarters in the city of Ramallah. The army said earlier Monday that troops had stopped 50 foreigners, mostly Italians, from entering Ramallah, where they had planned to join others who reached Arafat's office Sunday.

The group, calling itself Grassroots International Protection for the Palestinian People, wants to shield Arafat from Israeli troops who have taken over most of his compound. Israeli police said the army had handed over 10 French human rights activists to their custody pending their expulsion from Israeli territority.

Its been a whole year since the Israeli attack in Gaza, while Israeli threats remain to terrorize the civilians in Gaza, especially after the killing of 3 civilians in Gaza 2 days ago and another 3 in Nablus, the siege, which is the major problem for the 1.5 million people living in Gaza, the world remains silent against these continuous breaks of all human rights doctrons!


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