Israel terrorist killing of humanitarian volunteers Turkey's government strongly condemned the Israeli army attacks against humanitarian convoys ships Freedom Flotilla. Aftermath of the Israeli aggression, the Turkish government pulling ambassadors (ambassador) they were from Israel.

This was conveyed by Foreign Ministry spokesman as reported by Turkish news agency Reuters on Monday (5/31/2010).

Turkey also urged the government investigation into the incident. It was announced by Turkish President Abdullah Gul in statemennya. Gul also called for the culprit to be punished.

At least 16 people were reported killed in Israeli army attacks against ships Mavi Marmara and five other ships that participated in the Freedom Flotilla convoy that.

Approximately 700 people participated in the international humanitarian mission. They come from various countries, mostly from Turkey. Also included 12 Indonesians who until now unclear fate.

Israel terrorist killing of humanitarian volunteers
RI UN urges Israeli Assault Wins Top Mavi Marmara
Gallant Wijoseno - DAILY
Jakarta - The government of the Republic of Indonesia (GoI) strongly condemned the Israeli army attacks on the entourage Mavi Marmara ships carrying humanitarian mission to Gaza. Indonesia asks UN to investigate the deadly incident.

"In particular, Indonesia urged the United Nations to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, including through the investigation of the incidents referred to the Israeli invasion of Israel in order to ensure accountability," the Foreign Ministry press release received by AFP on Monday (5/31/2010).

Government assess the action of the Israeli raid on the ship today Mavi Marmara illegal
because it is done in international waters.

"Through the ambush of action and violence, the Israelis once again has created obstacles to the peace process in the Middle East which is now entering an important phase associated with the launch of 'proximity talks'," writes the press release.

The Government has received information from the Palestinian authorities that 16 people died of the delegation. "The Indonesian government condemned the Israeli raids and acts of violence against ships carrying Mavi Marmara international humanitarian assistance mission to the Gaza Strip, Palestine," shut the press release.

Israeli Attack Ship Humanitarian
Victims Reach 19 People Reportedly Killed

Until now, the number of victims killed by the Israeli army against the passenger ship still crisscrossing Mavi Marmara. Recent information, there are 19 passenger ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza was killed.
Israel terrorist killing of humanitarian volunteers
Al Jazeera TV by running text that announces the death toll reached 19 people. "According to news sources in Israel, 19 people were killed in the attack on the vessel," the news, Monday (05/31/2010) at 17:00 pm.

Currently no party can be sure how many people killed. However, Israel was to ensure his side did the shooting with live ammunition, because before his army beaten by the passengers on the ship.

Mavi Marmara Israel attacked the ship carrying about 700 volunteers from many countries while still in the international sea area. Now, the ship brought the Israelis into a harbor. Mavi Marmara is one of the 6th Fleet ships Freedom (Freedom Flotilla) which brought humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

There are 12 Indonesian citizens being a passenger ship. Until now, the fate of 12 Indonesians were not clear. However, there was news that a citizen was also hit by gunfire. But, this news could not be confirmed. recent report says 16 people died and more than 60 people were injured after the Israelis opened fire on the ship Mavi Marmara.

According to international media to send his crew in the mission of the Freedom Flotilla, the Israeli army who managed to climb the Mavi Marmara through the air, involved clashes with hundreds of volunteers on board the Mavi Marmara

Israel confirmed that they fired tear gas and live bullets at the humanitarian group.

According to Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian official contacted by Al-Jazeera, Israeli claims that justify a military attack on the Freedom Flotilla convoy can not be justified, because the group attacked the ship while in international waters. In addition, they have come to bring humanitarian aid. journalists were among the entourage. Until now, this could not be contacted.