20 dofollow socialbookmark

20 dofollow socialbookmark

One way backlinks to the pages of a domain give it authority in Google over time. One strategy to gain these backlinks is to bookmark your content in social marking sites that do not use the ‘nofollow’ tag. Generally speaking, the higher the PageRank (PR) of the site, the better.

Here’s 20 such sites that I have been using (PR in brackets):

UPDATED 24th February 2009

Note: Please keep the submissions of new sites coming and I will check them out.

  1. Folkd [V] (7)
  2. Oneview (German) (7)
  3. Spurl (6)
  4. Feedmarker(6)
  5. LinkaGoGo (5)
  6. SpotBack (5)
  7. Connectedy (5)
  8. Blinklist [V] (5)
  9. MyLinkVault (4)
  10. A1 Webmarks (4)
  11. OYAX (4)
  12. Pixelmo [V] (4)
  13. TeDigo (2)
  14. MyPIP (3)
  15. SyncOne (3)
  16. Yattle (3)
  17. Memfrag (3)
  18. Ziki [V] (1)
  19. i89 (0)
  20. Chipmark (0)

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

Every time you add a bookmark to one of your pages in one of these sites you

create a backlink. If you bookmark every piece of content you create in all of these sites you can build a lot backlinks over time. For the purposes of backlinks, you want to make sure that the bookmarking sites provide a real, do-follow link. This rules out the biggest of the bunch - Delicious as it is no-follow. I found lots of big no-follow sites and I also found several that don’t provide real backlinks - they use their own form of dynamic link which does not count as a backlink.

One other thing to be aware of is that even though these are your personal bookmarks, you need to ensure that they are public - that way other people (Google really) can find them. But be careful, some bookmarking sites such as Connotea have a specific niche and probably wont appreciate your toenail clipping bookmarks.

Sites With a Voting Element

For the first year or so I only included sites on this list that did not have any kind of voting component that allowed people to vote up certain links. I call these story submission sites and I have previously written about the subtle difference between straight social bookmarking v story submission. The reason for not including them was because many allowed stories to be voted down as well as up - not a good thing!

However, more and more of the purely bookmarking sites are either folding or have been making their links nofollow in recent months and more and more sites are now starting which have a voting element but without the vote down - there’s no burying of stories like Digg does. However I would still advise you to exercise a little caution when submitting links to these sites. They are marked on the list with a [V].

Some Notable Additions

There are some bookmarking sites that are either nofollow or they use a dynamic link structure. However, even a nofollow link can be valuable to some extent because Google is not the only search engine and there is also the issue of human readers. In the case of particularly big sites such as Delicious, those bookmarks often get copied to many other places so one nofollow link in delicious could actually result in about a dozen links elsewhere though this tends to happen only with popular links.

In the next section of this post I point you towards several services that allow you to bookmark at many sites all in one go. Under these circumstances adding your links to a few extra sites can take just a few seconds more so for that reason I have also listed below a few extra bookmarking sites that don’t offer real dofollow backlinks but are very high profile and worth using under those circumstances:

  1. Delicious (8)
  2. Furl (8)
  3. Mister-Wong (7)
  4. Blinklist (7)
  5. Folkd (7)
  6. NetVous (6)
  7. Simpy (6)

Speeding Up the Bookmarking Process

It can take time to visit all of these sites individually, and type in the details multiple times so there are various tools to help you:

Social Marker

SocialMarker is a pretty useful web application that allows you to type in the details (name, url, tags, description) etc just ones and then it brings up the submission pages for each site you have selected and you just click through them very quickly.

Most of the sites I mention in the list are supported by Social Marker and it is regularly updated. It’s not without it’s flaws however - sometimes it misses out information and you’ll find a submission page without tags for example so do have a good over what you are submitting for each site.

There are some other services similar to Social Marker but one flaw that many seem to share is that they create all the bookmarks instantly and if you are using many sites - this could look unnatural to Google. It would be better if these links came in slowly over a period of days. I’m thinking of developing my own web-based tool similar to Social Marker which will have this facility. Ideally, I’d like it to be fully automated also - it would be much more useful to be able to load up the tool with the information and then to just click a button and let it just do it’s thing by itself over the next few days.

Right now this is just an idea and I’m not even sure if there is any real demand for such a tool. If you would be interested then join my notification list below and if I see enough response I’ll begin working on it and use the list to let you know of any developments:


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There are some other services similar to Social Marker but one flaw that many seem to share is that they create all the bookmarks instantly and if you are using many sites - this could look unnatural to Google.

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