In the name of God,

Most Gracious, Most Merciful

79:1 By the (angels) who tear out (the souls of the wicked) with violence;

79:2 By those who gently draw out (the souls of the blessed);

79:3 And by those who glide along (on errands of mercy),

79:4 Then press forward as in a race,

79:5 Then arrange to do (the Commands of their Lord),

79:6 One Day everything that can be in commotion will be in violent commotion,

79:7 Followed by oft-repeated (commotions):

79:8 Hearts that Day will be in agitation;

79:9 Cast down will be (their owners') eyes.

79:10 They say (now): "What! shall we indeed be returned to (our) former state?

79:11 "What! - when we shall have become rotten bones?"

79:12 They say: "It would, in that case, be a return with loss!"

79:13 But verily, it will be but a single (Compelling) Cry,

79:14 When, behold, they will be in the (full) awakening (to Judgment).

79:15 Has the story of Moses reached thee?

79:16 Behold, thy Lord did call to him in the sacred valley of Tuwa:-

79:17 "Go thou to Pharaoh for he has indeed transgressed all bounds:

79:18 "And say to him, 'Wouldst thou that thou shouldst be purified (from sin)?-

79:19 "'And that I guide thee to thy Lord, so thou shouldst fear Him?'"

79:20 Then did (Moses) show him the Great Sign.

79:21 But (Pharaoh) rejected it and disobeyed (guidance);

79:22 Further, he turned his back, striving hard (against God).

79:23 Then he collected (his men) and made a proclamation,

79:24 Saying, "I am your Lord, Most High".

79:25 But God did punish him, (and made an) example of him, - in the Hereafter, as in this life.

79:26 Verily in this is an instructive warning for whosoever feareth (God).

79:27 What! Are ye the more difficult to create or the heaven (above)? (God) hath constructed it:

79:28 On high hath He raised its canopy, and He hath given it order and perfection.

79:29 Its night doth He endow with darkness, and its splendour doth He bring out (with light).

79:30 And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse);

79:31 He draweth out therefrom its moisture and its pasture;

79:32 And the mountains hath He firmly fixed;-

79:33 For use and convenience to you and your cattle.

79:34 Therefore, when there comes the great, overwhelming (Event),-

79:35 The Day when man shall remember (all) that he strove for,

79:36 And Hell-Fire shall be placed in full view for (all) to see,-

79:37 Then, for such as had transgressed all bounds,

79:38 And had preferred the life of this world,

79:39 The Abode will be Hell-Fire;

79:40 And for such as had entertained the fear of standing before their Lord's (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires,

79:41 Their abode will be the Garden.

79:42 They ask thee about the Hour,-'When will be its appointed time?

79:43 Wherein art thou (concerned) with the declaration thereof?

79:44 With thy Lord in the Limit fixed therefor.

79:45 Thou art but a Warner for such as fear it.

79:46 The Day they see it, (It will be) as if they had tarried but a single evening, or (at most till) the following morn!

The Holy Quran

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali


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